5 de ago de 2015

A população de Calgary chega a 1,2 milhões de acordo com novos números do censo

Calgary saw its third largest wave of new residents last year, with 2015 census figures showing the city’s population grew almost three per cent, but this has created challenges for communities with the most new residents.

The city’s total population now stands at 1,230,915, an increase of 35,721 from 2014. Much of the growth was concentrated in the southeast quadrant of the city, although the northwest community of Evanston took top spot for fastest growing area with 2,853 new residents.

That growth, spanning April 2014 to April 2015, was lower than last year’s record-setting-figure of 38,508 across Calgary, but easily outstrips previous projections of 25,000 used by the city to base its four-year budget. And that will present challenges to the city as it struggles to build and maintain infrastructure to accommodate Calgarians, said Mayor Naheed Nenshi.

“Over the course of two and half years, we added greater than the population of Red Deer, the third-largest city in Alberta,” Nenshi told reporters at a news conference Wednesday.

“Think of how many schools, how many roads, how many buses, how much wastewater infrastructure Red Deer has and understand that we added those people without any of those things,” he said.

The fastest growing communities continue to be in Calgary’s far north and the deep south, as Mahogany (2,300), and Auburn Bay (2,064) in the southeast also ranked high among the regions that grew the most.

Calgary’s largest communities by population:

Panorama Hills — 25,993
Beltline — 21,939
Evergreen — 21,700
Tuscany — 19,737
Taradale — 19,223

According to the latest census figures, 24,909 more people migrated to Calgary than left. In other words, 68 people moved to the city each day, on average, over the 12-month span.

Fonte: http://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/is-calgary-still-growing-city-releases-new-census-figures